Host Color Review


Last updated June 1, 2020

Choosing some of the more bargain-based web hosting companies may be okay for some people. Small, local businesses and aspiring bloggers may get most of the services they need from these inexpensive web hosting companies.

But what if you have bigger plans in mind? Do you really want to stunt your businesses’ growth and online presence with a web hosting service offering basic services for under ten dollars a month? Or, if you are a busy business owner, do you really have time to properly maintain your site to get the visitors (and customers) you need?

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to web hosting. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars a month. But, if you consider the benefits of spending a little extra money up front, you may be pleasantly surprised at what some of the mid-priced web hosting companies have to offer.


Host Color Self-Managed Web Hosting


First off, you can get some pretty great deals from Host Color if you want to self-manage your website. In fact, a website with Wordpress hosting will only cost you $3.99 a month (billed annually). That includes a SSL Certificate and safeguards to your data under any circumstances without performance impact.  


You will, however, have to pay for your website’s domain with their cheapest plan.  But Host Color offers more upscale self-managed web hosting plans with more features for just a few dollars more a month. 


Most hosting providers plans and formats are "self-managed", as described by Host Color.  What makes this company distictly different, are the managed plans they offer their customers.


Host Color Managed Web Hosting Plans


What if you are a busy entrepreneur who doesn’t have the time to worry about all the intricacies of creating and running a website? Host Color can help manage your site without breaking the bank. All their managed web hosting plans run about 30 to 40 dollars a month. For example, a managed blog with a robust list of features will cost you $29.99 a month. If you are looking for a managed ECommerce web hosting plan, you can get the services you need for $36.99 a month.


What do you get? Your websites are hosted on the HC Cloud infrastructure. Host Color provides you with the system and technical administration. In short: they pay attention to the details so you can focus on creating the content for your website. You also get peace of mind data protection with a Fault-Tolerant Storage Area Network. This service keeps your data safe and protects against interruptions in service.


All Cloud hosting plans can be used as Managed WordPress Hosting accounts or any other LAMP based Open Source CMS--for those of you with a little experience in coding. You also get a dedicated IP address and domain validated SSL certificate included. Some of the bargain web-hosting companies charge you extra for these features.


If creating a website is fairly new to you, don’t worry. All Host Color web hosting plans come with 1 hour per month of technical and system administration. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to get support as you learn to build your website. Host Color also offers other services such as website design, search engine optimization (SEO), coding, and web development. Creating a website that attracts an audience and consumers couldn’t be easier!

Why Host Color?


Host Color believes open markets, free trade, and opportunities should be available to anyone. Founded in 2000, Host Color had the vision to bring technology, the internet, and digital economy to anyone that had a dream to succeed. As a result, they provided one of the most reliable and committed information technology hosting providers on the market.


Need more proof? Host Color has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau with no filed customer complaints. As a company with 17 years experience, that is definitely impressive.  


Ready to see what Host Color has to offer? Find out why Host Color is one of your best choices for creating a fast, secure website.

Go to Host Color hosting and take the first step to build your website and achieve you next goal.