BuildYourSite Hosting Review


Last updated March 6, 2020

Company Profile



If you are a small business owner looking for dependable hosting services, you can receive dedicated and top-notch service from BuildYourSite. BuildYourSite prides themselves on being a one-stop shop, where you can get web design, web host, and marketing services, but they also offer simpler plans for those who simply want a web hosting company. The services are designed to help less experienced online entrepreneurs in designing, developing, and publishing their websites. BuildYourSite focusses on helping small businesses create their e-commerce stores through website building tools. It also simplifies the process of setting up a first time online presence by offering marketing and web design services.

BuildYourSite was founded in 1997 and is 100% US based, with their headquarters in Sacramento, CA. And since then, the company has been helping thousands of individuals create their online presence. If you are looking for an e-commerce hosting option, I’m confident that you will find a plan that will suit you.



You will be pleased to know that each plan features a variety of features, such as web hosting, access to thousands of customizable templates and the use of a powerful website creator. BuildYourSite offers web application libraries, email accounts, and advanced shopping carts. For those companies and individuals that may looking to invest in an outside professional to help with their site, BuildYourSite also offers web design packages and marketing packages to assist with design, SEO, social media marketing, and sales funnel optimization.

Plans and Pricing



Each of the three plans that the company offers has a designated amount of storage space as well as allotted monthly bandwidth. The three different hosting packages offer other different features as well. Certain features, such as live support, a free domain name, spam and virus filtering, monthly hosting, and unlimited email addresses are offered in every package, whereas other features like SEO website promotion oran advanced e-commerce shopping cart are only offered in the more expensive plans. 


The Standard Plan


The standard plan offers three months of hosting with up to five pages and 25 gigabytes. Although you can purchase add-ons to any plan, this plan does not include the bells and whistles.  This plan is a good fit for someone who … This most basic plan costs $11.95/mo, but if you pay annually, you can save over 25%, at only $8.76 monthly.


The Professional Plan


This plan offers up to fifty pages and 100 gigabytes, but also includes SEO website promotion and an advanced forms builder The professional plan is their most popular plan and runs $18.95/mo if paid monthly or averages out to $15.16/mo if paid annually.



The E-Commerce Plan


The e-commerce plan includes up to 100 pages and 200 gigabytes, SEO, advanced forms, an advanced shopping cart, cloud backup, and a social media manager. It runs $45.95/mo if paid monthly or averages out to $33.71/mo if paid annually.

The Business Max Plan


Finally, the Business-Max Plan offers up to unlimited pages and unlimited storage. It includes all of the benefits of the E-Commerce Plan, but also includes 2 hours of work per month from BuildYourSite’s in house design team. You could use this to update your content, request some graphic or logo work, or ask them to make a quick design change. This is perfect for busy businesses that want to do it themselves, but also want a right

hand man to come in clutch on a busy day. Although this plan runs $79.95/mo, BuildYourSite offers a discounted price of $59.96/mo if you pay annually. That’s not bad for a webhost plus 2 hours of skilled labor!

Ease of Use


You will realize that customers love BuildYourSite’s ease of use. Keep in mind that the website builder software is very simple and intuitive. With some easy to follow steps, you will be able to get your site up and running in no time. And it is worth noting that the customizable templates the service offers are a breeze to filter through, which makes it quick to find the best look.


After loading the template, you can easily and quickly enter your content, such as images, text, music, and video. Each page has several sections and subsections that you can interchange in order to meet your needs, which allows you to be as creative as you can be.


The Control Panel is impressive as it gives you access to various tools that let you change templates, add application widgets, integrate social media, and also incorporate SEO keywords. You can do it all with only a few clicks of your mouse.

Website Building Features


BuildYourSite provides you with a selection of more than 4,000 professionally designed website templates.These offer you a basic platform and layout to begin with. As they are industry-based, you will surely find something that will meet your needs and preferences. Note that all text, fonts, and photos can be added, moved, modified, and customized, which is excellent.

What actually separates and distinguishes them from the competition is that they look professional and attractive. The designs and color schemes are well suited for each specific industry. You will enjoy the ability to add multimedia like music and videos to your website.


Refund Policy


As this website host offers most of its services on a monthly basis, in most cases, customers only have the option to cancel their services and not receive refunds for these services. 


This is why if you have purchased or are considering buying a service or product from this hosting company, it is better to speak to the customer service team beforehand to see what type of recourse is available if you are not happy with the services you receive. 


Customer Support



BuildYourSite offers excellent customer support and has made its customer hotline available on each corner of its page. You will be happy to know that there is also a “members only” telephone number that offers access to the priority support hotline.


If you are inconvenienced and frustrated with waiting for email responses from customer and technical support, you will be pleased to know that BuildYourSite offers a toll-free phone number where you can talk to a live person at any time in order to get free and reliable technical support. Even better is the fact that !00% of the support call centers are located in the US, so you are less likely to encounter any language or  accent barriers when trying to understand what the support technician is trying to tell you.  

The company really prides itself on keeping its customer support staff in-house and in country.You can reach the help desk via email. You have to complete a short form to reach a help desk that usually operates on a first-come, first-serve basis.


BuildYourSite also offers a good library of video tutorials that explain various aspects of building and running a website and a very comprehensive FAQ section that can address any remaining doubts you may have.


E-Commerce Support


Did you know that BuildYourSite provides you with an advanced shopping cart, which makes it simple for you to sell your various products online? The advanced shopping cart is included in the top two plan tiers. Note that this feature includes not just listing your various products, but the feature also allows you to manage your customers, manage your inventory, promote your products on Facebook, and more.


You will be happy to know that there is also an automatic calculator for both shipping and tax, and all transactions are 100 percent verified and secure. You have many options to accept payments. Some of them are PayPal, Visa, Google Checkout, Mastercard, and Discover. The company even includes a convenient merchant account with its plans that include the advanced shopping cart.


You can also use this shopping cart utility to sell various digital products, such as software and eBooks. Your customers will receive a temporary link that they can use to download the items upon purchase.



Your website, as well as the customer info that you receivethrough your site, must be protected as carefully and effectively as any other valuable asset. This means that as a source of income, your website is a primary business asset. You will be pleased to know that BuildYourSite offers you many features and tools to protect your valuable assets.


BuildYourSite professionals will manage all of your files and confidential information. All your stored data is maintained on its computers, and BuildYourSite has done their best to protect it by implementing the latest filtering technology to protect from virus and spam threats, as well as a robust 24/7 monitoring system and effective defense programs to guard against hackers and fraudulent individuals.


The best thing is that a highly qualified team of experienced professionals monitor and control the company’s databases. Also, note that security is considerably increased by the collaboration the company has with external services, like Google Checkout and such as PayPal.  It is worth noting that these services also have very sophisticated and reliable security features.

Verdict: Should you choose BuildYourSite Hosting?


There is no doubt that BuildYourSite offers you comprehensive and affordable packages that will have your website up and running very quickly. You will also be pleased to know that BuildYourSite offers its customers the best and most reliable service. This is why it can be an ideal fit for most beginners to online business, as their design and web hosting processes are simple to use.  



  • Almost 20 years in web hosting industry 
  • Intuitive and full featured website builder
  • Virus and spam filtering on all plans
  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee



  • Starter Plan is limited to six pages
  • Must upgrade to Professional Plan for SEO
  • Difficult to export designs to other hosting providers

The customer support bank is huge and it is reliable because every business needs support sometimes. Note that the website wizard is also one of the easiest ones, which makes it quite easy to swap images as well as write new website copy. If you are looking for a reliable hosting provider, you will not go wrong with BuildYourSite.