InterServer Hosting Review


Last updated March 6, 2020

Company Profile


InterServer is one of the largest web hosting companies. It was launched in 1999 by two ambitious and talented high-school students John Quaglier and Mike Lavrik. The hosting provider has grown immensely since then and now has four data centers, located in Los Angeles, CA, and Secaucus, NJ.


InterServer continues to provide excellent and reliable web hosting services to both entrepreneurs and Fortune 500

companies across the world. InterServer aims to provide suitable and reliable hosting and data services at affordable prices. InterServer promises their customers 100% power uptime as well as 99.9% network uptime.


InterServer is a popular and reliable website hosting service because of its functionalities, features, and low prices, making it the most suitable website hosting platform for WordPress, which is excellent. The company’s plans are extremely affordable. They offer unlimited transfer, storage, e-mail, and even free SSL certificates. You can also maintain up to 20 different websites.


Note that with a decent combination of reliability and performance, coupled with fixed and reasonable prices, Interserver is certainly a more-than-decent web host. The company offers many useful value-added services in order to sweeten their hosting plans, our favorites free migration and website cleaning.

Plans and Pricing


Interserver's shared hosting plans, as well as WordPress plans, offer great value for money. All of their hosting plans provide excellent customer support and a thirty-day money-back guarantee.


There are three shared hosting plans.


Standard Plan


This is a basic plan that Interserver offers. Note that this hosting plan will certainly meet all of your basic needs and requirements if you are just getting started or have light traffic. This plan includes weekly backups, unlimited storage, 24/7 support, and many other features that can be found HERE.

ASP.NET or Windows Plan

Keep in mind that the Windows Plan is very similar to the basic plan that the company offers. However, the important difference is that the server runs Microsoft products rather than using open-source software like Linux.


ASP.NET is a framework that was designed by Microsoft,and it allows web developers to easily design web applications, services, and websites. Note that due to its templated approach, this web hosting plan offers you faster development of several business applications, which is helpful if you’re ready to build a new website or make major changes to yours.


WordPress Plan


If you are looking for a hosting plan that is most suitable for hosting your WordPress site, this hosting plan is perfect for you. This plan differs from other hosting plans because it provides you a few more useful features, like version control, anti-virus protection, and daily backups.

Although you will pay a little premium for shared hosting, InterServer has the reliability, performance, and support that justify the expense. You will be happy to know that the company's valuable price-lock guarantee means you do not have to feel pressured in order to sign up for long-term web hosting subscriptions. Also, you will know exactly how much you will spend on the entire life of the account.


InterServer is also attractive as it has a managed WordPress platform. InterServer will update WordPress automatically for you, which is convenient. This is really nice for users not to have to worry about, since WordPress is updated many times per year. This is an amazing perk that improves security while saving plenty of time.

Strong Security 


Note that InterServer provides a few unique security features that you will like. The web host offers a distinct and reliable defense tool known as InterShield for beginners. This tool maintains a comprehensive database of bad IPs and automatically blocks access requests from these IPs.


InterShield is great as it can block all known hacking strings. It can also scan any uploaded content in order to ensure their integrity.


Easy to Use Control Panel


If you are not able to navigate through the command line present in Linux, you don’t have to worry. This is because c-Panel provides site owners a valuable and intuitive Linux based Control Panel in order to control the hosting account, which is excellent. This is why you would not face any issues or confusion when maintaining your website.


c-Panel has the tools that help you make better decisions for your site. You should know that it’s the world’s most reliable and famous Control Panel for managing websites.

C-Panel allows admins to effectively manage their websites through a simple and intuitive web browser. The best thing is that you can easily manage and control your site through various amazing tools and an easy web browser. Note that with the help of this feature, you can easily access the one-click installer in order to add things like content forms, event calendars, and message boards, etc. 



Customer Support


A hosting provider has to offer excellent customer support. InterServer provides all the best resources to communicate with its customers and solve their problems. Their dedicated support team is available to customers at all times to address any problems and concerns.


InterServer provides 24/7 live chat and phone support. And that is not all; it also uses a ticket system, forum, knowledge base, and website portal for support. You will like the fact that the support agents and reps are based in-house. The support department hosts a news blog and a range of valuable social media links so that finding support is never a hassle.


You can easily send the company an e-mail by completing a contact form. However,  you can also contact the company using live chat options. These options are powered by Rocket Chat, and it is the most widely used and reliable way of communicating with a company expert. Iit is also worth noting that InterServer’s response times to online chat is better than other hosting providers in the industry.


Free Migration Service


There is no doubt that free migration service is perhaps one of the most valuable and popular features that they offer. This service is excellent as it enables you to seamlessly and easily transfer a site hosted elsewhere onto an InterServer account. And with minimal downtime, their competent and expert staff will complete the migration with excellent care and precision, regardless of what account access or control panel you have on the old host.

Another impressive thing is that the migrated website is checked thoroughly and carefully for malware or various other harmful elements. If something nefarious is found, the staff will clean it manually as part of your transition to InterServer. 

InterServer provides this service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company completes the migration process in just 24 to 48 hours, which is excellent. The migration process keeps all website files, e-mails, and databases intact. There is little to no downtime during this migration with InterServer.


30 Day Refund Guarantee


Here is another policy that you will like. If you’re not fully happy and satisfied with Interserver’s web hosting service, then you can easily get your money back within the first thirty days of your subscription. While some other hosting plans from Interserver come with a useful free trial option, its WordPress hosting plan and Shared hosting plans do not have this free trial period. This refund is very handy since you can thoroughly play with all of the features  before being financially committed to InterServer as your web host.

Verdict: Should you choose InterServer Hosting?


InterServer’s technology is what really stands out and distinguishes it from others. What technology? The company has its own data centers, and it develops solid and lasting relationships with its customers through 24/7 customer support. Also, the web host covers offers a variety of plans and applications in order to serve a variety of different business websites. InterServer also offers full-featured packages at a number of very economical price points to its customers.

InterServer’s plans are also backed by a thirty-day money-back guarantee as well as no monthly contracts, allowing you to leave if your needs and preferences ever change in the future.


Some of our 'Likes and Dislikes' were;



  • 20 years in web hosting industry 
  • In-house and knowledgeable customer support
  • No price increase on renewal
  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee



  • Datacenters all are U.S. based
  • No free domain name

The ability to develop your website, get e-mail accounts, acquire a domain, and host the website all through InterServer certainly make this a comprehensive all-in-one service, which most customers prefer. This is why you can fully rely on InterServer as a safe, valuable, and simplified web host for all your hosting needs.