BlueHost Hosting Review


Last updated March 6, 2020

Company Profile

The BlueHost web hosting company has been a staple in the industry since coming on the scene in 2003.  In the same way a fast food restautant might compare themselves to McDonald's, web hosting companies like to compare and contrast themselves to BlueHost.  With their feaure-rich, yet affordable plans, they boast having attracted and hosted over 2 million websites on their servers.


They are based in the U.S., in the beautiful city of Orem, Utah.  In 2010 they were acquired by the parent company Endurance International Group, and have been one of their flaghip companies ever since.

Plans and Pricing



BlueHost offers this three dollar a month plan (36 months option) --along with several other affordable options. And it even comes with a free secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate. Of course, BlueHost has other enticing introductory offers to get you started building your website with shared hosting. And, at any time, you can scale up or down the plans based on what your website needs. This means, if you do choose that three dollar plan and are getting much more traffic than expected, you can switch to a more feature-packed plan. 

WordPress Site Creater


One you choose a plan that suits your needs, BlueHost automatically installs Wordpress and updates it. That means, within minutes, you can start creating the website you always wanted with Wordpress’s vast library of plug-ins. 

​​​​​​​Getting your website up and running sometimes takes a pretty good learning curve--especially for the beginner. BlueHost offers a range of services--for an extra cost--like website design and search engine optimization (SEO) to draw more people to your site.

Uptime Reliability 

One of the issues with shared web hosting is when one of the other websites on the shared server use excessive resources. This can slow down your website’s performance. BlueHost uses resource protection to temporarily re-assign websites using too many resources to isolated systems. This means your website will function when you need it to.

Bluehost has an A- rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Much of this has to do with an issue with BlueHost’s parent company-- The Endurance International Group. Blue Host, strives to provide their customers with great in-house customer support and high-performance websites.


Go to Bluehost hosting and take the first step to build your website and achieve you next goal.