InMotion Hosting Review


Last updated March 6, 2020

Company Profile

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Inmotion has been around since 2001.  Their west coast data center is in the well known 'One Wilshire' building, and also an east coast center in the city of Ashburn, VA.   The multiple data centers allows them to provide their clients with fast page load times regardless of where in the U.S. they might be located.   There customer service is based in the United States, and currently have over three hundred employees.

Although they are not the biggest hosting provider, they claim to have over 300,000 domains and counting.  

One of the companies core beliefs is its "Go Green" initiative.  Their data centers have one of the most efficient cooling systems in the industry that enables them to cut their carbon foot print by more than two thousand tons.

InMotion also has helped provide for the planting of over 5,000 trees throughout the world as part of their 'eco-strategy'.  And as they note on their website, this is one of their core beliefs, and not just something they do for a press release on Earth Day.

Plans and Pricing

InMotion web hosting has packages and plans to suit just about any personal and business needs. Also, they can adapt their services based on your changing needs as your business or website grows. In fact, upgrading your web hosting account is easy and your website stays live during the process.

Unlike most starting plans, the InMotion 'Launch' plan includes two websites for the price instead of just one.  Put that together with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, free SSL certificate, and you have the strong feature-rich plan for around $6 a month.  Its true, there are good hosting companies like Bluehost that offer plans starting around $3, but make sure the included plan features fit your website needs to determine the overall cost of your ownership.  

These are just the shared hosting plans for InMotion.  They have a wide array of VPS and Dedicated Server plans if your business has outgrown these.

​​​​​​​Are you new to making a website? Are you ready for that steep learning curve or would you rather get everything set up quick and easy? One of the services InMotion offers is building your WordPress website in 2 days for just under a hundred dollars. 

Of course, if you got the DIY bug and want to construct the website on your own--that’s fine too. If you run into any snags, you can always connect with the Live 24/7 customer support. InMotion also offers tools like a 1-click app installer and drag & drop website builder to get you set up without all that complicated computer coding and language.

But maybe you know a little about coding. Or you want to completely customize the look of your website? InMotion has a commitment to open-source programs like WordPress, Joomla, and b2evolution among others.  

Industry Leading Uptime

If you’re looking for a reliable connection, InMotion invests in the latest technology like Smart Routing™ to maintain 99.999% network uptime. This means your website will rarely, if ever, be offline.  If there is a problem or drop in latency, the network will automatically switch to a different and better connection.  It is hard for customers to find you and for you to make money if you site is down, so the importance of your servers uptime cant be understated.

In the instance that the unthinkable should happen, and you or a bad actor causes you to lose your site...Inmotion has scheduled backups and 'one-click website restore'.  So you can sleep easy knowing that your information and business is secure and safe from castastrohpy.

We all know how important online security is these days. InMotion offers a Free SSL certificate and other security measures to protect your website and the customers that come to it.

Painless Site Migration

If you have had a bad experince with a web hosting service and are currently searching for a better solution, Inmotion offers 'Hassle-free Migration' of your site to their servers.  This really takes the head-ache out of switching services.

If your current webhosting account is less than three websites, cPanels, and databases, Inmotion will transfer your sites over for free.  If you have more than three, it is a reasonably $10 per item transfered.  If you would like to do it yourself, there are tutorials to walk you through it and a Support team waiting to assist you in the process.  Lets face it, the worst part about the idea of switching webhost companies is thought of transfer everything over, and having the transfer go smoothly.  Without losing any data or hard work that will have to be redone if you do not do it correctly.  Inmotion listened well to their customers, and launched this program to help with the hardest part in finding a better hosting partner.

Long-standing Customer Support Excellence

Some companies will have one aspect of their support team based in the U.S. so they can claim that they have 'U.S. based' support, but all the product and service support Inmotion offers is backed by a live person based in the United States.  Yes, that means you have 24/7/365 live support based here in the United States.  And if you arent an email or chat person, you may call in and reach one of their support members that has been trained for over 160 hours.  This might not seem like a big deal now, but if you have ever had a problem with your current webhost, then you know what a difference this can make.  Imagine being able to call support and not having the usual prayers that you have an easy problem that fits the script they are using on their computer.   With Inmotion, they strive to educate and train their team members, so you reach knowledgable person everytime you need someone. 

How reliable is InMotion? They have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, which means excellent business performance and integrity. The BBB is one of the most trusted third party evaluations in business, and maintaining an A+ rating with them requires a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction.  There are few third party orgnaiztions that evaluate businesses that offer honest ratings that are not bought for profit.   An A+ rating from the BBB actually still means something, and is not a gimic or user spam.



In addition, CNET has given InMotion a top-rated status for 16 years now.  CNET has been a respected source for over twenty five years, and has over two hundred million readers per month.  Maintainin a top-rated status is notable because the nerds at CNET are of a very knowledgable and technical background, and therefore come in with high expectations to be met.

Verdict: Should you choose InMotion Hosting?


We love the fact that InMotion has been around for almost 20 years and has been a consistent big player in the hosting space.  When companies seem to come and go (remember AOL and Myspace), we like the idea of partnering with a company that has a strong foundation.


Here are some of our overall 'Likes' and 'Dislikes' with InMotion: 



  • Easily transfer existing site
  • Two websites on basic plan
  • Multiple U.S. data centers
  • Great uptime history


  • Does not offer Windows servers
  • Prices go up after contract term

If you are a growing business or have a personal site that requires more fully featured hosting plan, InMotion is a great choice for you.  You will find cheaper hosting plans advertised out there, but what are you willing to sacrifice for an extra $3 dollars a month?  Whats your time worth?  InMotion is a great value for what they offer, and they offer so many different plans it is easy to scale your business as it grows.

And don't forget that InMotion offers a 90 day money back guarantee, combined with their hassle free site migration, make it a pretty painless to try them out and let them prove themselves to you.