Web Hosting for E-Commerce: Which is Best for Your Site?

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What Does Web Hosting for E-Commerce Mean?

E-commerce, web hosting, and WordPress e-commerce is taking the online world by storm. With all these tools, it can be a lot to determine what’s best for your site. As you build your e-commerce store and your hosted e-commerce platform, there’s a variety of software to help you find your footing.

What is E-Commerce Hosting?

Every business needs a way to reach its customers, and in this increasingly digital world, no company is complete without a website. Beyond that, any business that sells goods should have a way to sell products online, too. Growing into an online business ensures longevity that many brick-and-mortar stores are losing.

E-commerce hosting is a way to sell your products and goods to consumers all over the world. It offers ordering and payment options as well as a basic web hosting service. However, it differs from traditional web hosting in demand for better speeds and higher quality web content.

Does Your E-Commerce Store Need to Be Hosted?

Short answer: yes. Web hosting for e-commerce is essential. Your company and consumers need to know that security, payment processing, SSL, shopping cart software, and the business website are protected.

Building your own hosted site is an option if you have the skills and time to do so, but when thinking about web hosting for e-commerce: what’s best for your site? Hiring an existing platform to do the dirty work saves you a lot of time that you can instead focus directly on your business.

Why Choose A2 Hosting for Your E-Commerce Hosting?

A2 Hosting is one of the best sites available for e-commerce web hosting. With excellent packages, speeds, and customer service, A2 sets itself apart from the competition. A2 uses WordPress, which continues to grow as one of the top web hosting sites around.

What Are the Benefits of A2 Hosting for E-Commerce?

A2 Hosting offers easy solutions for your e-commerce web hosting. You can register your domain, transfer an existing domain, buy a new domain, forward emails, and utilize their software to support your e-commerce site.

A2 Hosting has excellent customer service and offers domain options such as .biz, .com, .io, .net, .org, .ca, .cc, .in, .us, and .co to meet all your business needs.

They offer domain theft protection, ID protection, Free DNS management, and 24/7/365 customer support in the form of their ‘Guru Crew.’

What Features Does A2 Hosting Have for E-Commerce?

A2 uses Linux for its service, with several tiers to choose from for the best fit for you. Their WordPress options come with a shared WordPress option or a Managed WordPress choice. Prices are per month, with discounts available for long-term contracts.

Shared WordPress has four tiers. Startup comes with unlimited data transfers each month, 100GB SSD storage, 25 email addresses, and one website domain. It has A2 Optimized WordPress and site staging. This option can be as low as $2.99 a month.

Drive offers everything that Startup has but includes unlimited emails, domains, and storage. Drive has plans as low as $4.99 a month.

Turbo Boost includes everything in Turbo and Startup but adds in preconfigured site caching and NVMe SSDs on A2’s AMD EPYC servers. Turbo Boost pricing is as low as $6.99 a month.

Finally, Turbo Max includes all of the above, plus increased memory from 2GB to 4GB and the ability to switch from a 2-core server to a 4-core server. Turbo Max starts at $12.99 a month.

Managed WordPress hosting comes with everything mentioned above and adds on WordPress backups, a free personal license for JetPack, and pre-installed WP-CLI. You can choose from one, three, or unlimited sites priced at $12.99 a month, $22.99 a month, and $43.99 a month when signing up with a three-year plan.

All A2 packages come with a money-back guarantee, making your risk easier to manage while they handle all your web hosting needs.

Why Choose SiteGround for Your E-Commerce Hosting?

SiteGround is a WordPress-based hosting site offering technical superiority with in-house solutions. They were among the first to use Linux containers with customization that upholds the security and reliability that any business would love to have as their service.

What Are the Benefits of SiteGround for E-Commerce?

SiteGround uses Let’s Encrypt SSL, customized and available since its inception. They continuously maintain high security standards for clients as they build on to their fully managed service options.

Their customer service is available 24/7/365, making your business their priority no matter where you are in the world or whatever your working hours. They have a myriad of resources available to clients, including ebooks on business and marketing guides, and optimization, security, commerce, and more.

What Features Does SiteGround Have for E-Commerce?

Their StartUp package begins as low as $4.99 a month and comes with one website and 10GB of web storage. With free SSL, daily backup, caching, unlimited databases, and free CDN and email, this package promises around 10,000 visits to your site each month.

The GrowBig package begins at $7.99 a month and has all of the features of the StartUp package with added features such as unlimited websites, 20GB web storage, and around 25,000 site visits per month.

GoGeek is their most extensive package. At $14.99 a month, it offers the same as the GrowBig package but promises around 100,000 site visits each month, making this an incredible deal.

SiteGround also offers managed WordPress hosting with four options: fast, smooth, managed, and unmatched. Each builds on the other for the ultimate performance solution to speed up your website with updated WordPress plugins and security.

Their WordPress services include SSL certificates, daily backups, email services, staging tools, development tools, and collaboration tools.

Who Should Choose SiteGround for E-Commerce?

SiteGround is another excellent choice for small and new businesses. Still, with their variety of options for plans and management from the hosting platform itself, it is an excellent choice for established and tech-savvy companies, too.

Choosing your plan based on your needs offers a way to have a safe and attractive web hosting for your e-commerce website while maintaining professional and exciting web content for your clients is what makes SiteGround an excellent choice.

Why Choose InMotion for Your E-Commerce Hosting?

InMotion is another hosting service provider that uses shared, dedicated, reseller, WordPress, and virtual private servers (VPS) to build your web hosting. With an uptime of 99.99% and continuous security monitoring, you can trust your business needs with InMotion.

InMotion hosting is a top choice because of its commitment to open source development and its award-winning service teams. They continually show their dedication to excellence and put customers first.

They offer hosting and application software via ceph, puppet, ansible, Virtuozzo, docker, WordPress, and OpenStack, making them a versatile e-commerce platform as well as innovative. They also provide an SSL certificate at a dedicated IP address.

What Are the Benefits of InMotion for E-Commerce?

InMotion offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, showing that they have your satisfaction in mind as they move forward with your business needs. They continue to show relevance in the field as they’ve installed over 500,000 WordPress sites to date.

It’s easy to onboard with InMotion, taking your business off the ground quickly. They use flexible billing and allow plan changes whenever you need them, so your plan can change alongside it as your business changes. They also offer server solutions to host your apps, build custom stacks, and choose your operating system.

What Features Does InMotion Have for E-Commerce?

Shared hosting is one of the features available through InMotion. With three tiers, you can choose what fits your business. Launch begins at $5.99 a month with two websites, 50GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, 3x performance, 10 email addresses, marketing tools, a free domain and SSL, and a security suite.

Power is their mid-level tier with all of the above, as well as 50 websites, 100GB SSD storage, 4x performance, 50 email addresses, and advanced caching. As low as $5.99 a month, this is an excellent option for businesses that expect growth in the next few months.

Their higher tier, Pro, begins at $14.99 a month and includes everything that comes with Pro, as well as 100 websites, 200GB SSD storage, 6x performance, unlimited email addresses, and pro support SLA.

Their WordPress services offer similar tiers with WP-1000S at $6.99 a month, offering one website, 50GB storage, 4x performance, free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, marketing tools, advanced caching, and their security suite.

WP-2000S begins at $6.99 a month with everything included in WP-1000S and increases to two websites, 100GB storage, 6x performance, and Jetpack personal.

WP-3000S starts at $12.99 a month and bumps your options to three websites, 150GB storage, 8x performance, and adds a dedicated opcode cache pool.

Their top tier, WP-4000S, starts at $19.99 a month and provides all of the above, expanded to 6 websites, 200GB storage, 12x performance, and a dedicated IP address.

They also offer an ecommerce website builder via WordPress, with a drag-and-drop option making your website design and management more user-friendly. With hundreds of template designs and a full WordPress suite, your website development is easy.

InMotion also offers VPS hosting ranging from 2-8 CPU cores, 2-8GB RAM, 45-140GB storage, three dedicated IPs, and more. Pricing varies from $19.99 to $59.99 a month.

Who Should Choose InMotion for E-Commerce?

InMotion is a fantastic choice for businesses with significant web hosting needs. If you have more than one business or chain attached to your commerce, InMotion is well-equipped to handle the traffic flow you’re seeing.

InMotion is excellent for smaller businesses but shows their power status for larger companies with high web demand. As some tiers become more expensive, smaller businesses won’t need the kind of performance InMotion offers.

Why Choose Bluehost for Your E-Commerce Hosting?

Over 2 million hosted websites worldwide speak for themselves: Bluehost is an excellent e-commerce hosting provider. Their services don’t stop at web hosting, either. If you want to know more about SEO, social media marketing, content creation, graphic design, and more, Bluehost has the tools you need.

Bluehost welcomes all levels of experience and involvement in their web hosting processes and caters to the needs of every type of business. Like most other web hosting services, Bluehost is WordPress-focused and offers 24/7 support.

What Are the Benefits of Bluehost for E-Commerce?

Hosting company Bluehost has been in business for nearly twenty years, making them experts in web hosting. They offer a variety of service packages with competitive pricing and on-demand support. It is one of only three companies explicitly endorsed by WordPress, giving them more credibility.

Bluehost offers fantastic uptime and a clean, intuitive control panel so you can build a complete website for your business. They have a virtual private server (VPS) and dedicated packages like many other services.

What Features Does Bluehost Have for E-Commerce?

Building a site with WordPress is the first feature Bluehost offers. Hosting with WordPress starts at $2.95 a month.

Managed packages begin with their Build package and include WordPress tools, support, and resources available. This plan offers one website, 20GB storage, 200 Global Edge servers, free SSL, a staging environment, and Jetpack Personal.

Grow, a managed WordPress package, starts at $14.95 a month. It builds on the previous package with 40 GB storage, Jetpack Premium, 10 GB video compression, business review, SEO tools, and Blue Sky ticket support assistance with design and functionality 24/7.

Their Scale package begins at $27.95 a month and offers 80 GB storage, Jetpack Professional, unlimited backups and restore, domain privacy and protection, business and SEO tools, PayPal integration, unlimited video compression, and Blue Sky Live Chat support.

These packages also include malware detection and removal, domain privacy protection, and a 30-day free trial of Microsoft email.

Who Should Choose Bluehost for E-Commerce?

Bluehost is a solid hosting provider choice for every business of every size, but their PayPal payment gateway option is a fantastic addition. With a portfolio of more than 2 million websites hosted, Bluehost proves that it can manage any level of business needs, making them ideal all-around.

Why Choose HostGator for Your E-Commerce Hosting?

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, HostGator is a unique web hosting product for your e-commerce. Their 24/7/365 service and live chat options make them easily accessible for support and maintenance for your business needs.

HostGator caters to new businesses looking to make their mark in the e-commerce world, and their quick and easy customer service options stand out across the platform.

What Are the Benefits of HostGator for E-Commerce?

HostGator offers a free SSL certificate, WordPress installation, dedicated hosting, and a free domain for your first year. Their plans start at $2.75 a month, making them one of the more affordable web hosting solutions.

Their server speed is decent, at 707ms, which means the site can handle the traffic your business sends their way.

What Features Does HostGator Have for E-Commerce?

HostGator has three shared hosting plans, each with unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and a free domain.

The Hatchling plan starts at $2.75 a month and offers one website, quick WordPress installation, and free WordPress/cPanel website transfers.

The Baby plan starts at $3.50 a month and offers the same as the Hatchling plan, but unlimited websites. The extra $.75 a month is an excellent deal for unlimited websites, especially as your business continues to expand.

Their most extensive shared hosting plan is the Business plan, which starts at $5.25 a month and includes the same as the Baby and Hatchling plans, but adds on Cloudflare CDN, 2.5x faster load times, free dedicated IP, and free SEO tools. The amount included in this upgrade is a great deal.

HostGator offers three options for website building for your hosted platform with various email campaigns, products for your ecommerce store, appointment booking, and even a plan that waives transaction fees for purchases made on your website.

Their VPS hosting offers anywhere from 2-8 GB RAM, 2-4 core CPU, 120-240 GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth, which then allows you more control over your website if you’re a more tech-savvy business owner or prefer to keep some of the work in-house.

Who Should Choose HostGator for E-Commerce?

HostGator is best for brand new businesses without a lot of e-commerce experience. The bigger the need, the less HostGator can provide, and their add-ons get pricey pretty quickly. They’re a great way to get into the web hosting game but might not offer a long-term, cost-effective e-commerce solution.

Why Choose WP Engine for Your E-Commerce Hosting?

WP Engine is a great place to start if you’re looking for a focused web hosting provider. One of the top names in WordPress hosting, WP Engine offers unmatched performance. Your high-traffic sites are perfect for WP Engine, and as your business grows, you’ll be glad you’ve chosen this platform.

What Are the Benefits of WP Engine for E-Commerce?

WP Engine offers consistent speed, meaning whether you have one visitor to your site of 100, the site will load just as quickly. Online consumers prefer to see a web page load quickly, and that speed relays the quality of the business, whether or not consumers realize that connection. WP Engine creates mobile-friendly websites also, making your business hand-held and easy to access.

What Features Does WP Engine Have for E-Commerce?

WP Engine is limited in its scope – it only offers managed web hosting. It is the most expensive on our list with four plans, which could mean pricing out some early developing businesses.

Their Startup plan begins at $30 a month. It offers one-click store creation, an optimized theme for your store, WooCommerce templates, automated plugin updates, 24/7 support, 10 premium themes, daily backups, free SSL and SSH, free automated migrations, and one-click staging. It offers one website, 10GB storage, and 50GB bandwidth per month.

For $62 a month, their Professional package offers all of the above and instant store search, three websites, 15 GB storage, and 125 GB bandwidth, with an estimated 75,000 visits per month.

The next tier is $116 a month. The Growth package offers all of the above with 10 websites, 100,000 visits per month, 20 GB storage, and 200 GB bandwidth.

Their premium package, Scale, is $291 a month and includes all of the above with 30 websites, 400,000 visits per month, 50 GB local storage, and 500 GB bandwidth.

Who Should Choose WP Engine for E-Commerce?

WP Engine is best for large, established businesses. Their pricing could easily be too much for small local businesses, but the price is worth it for a web host that will ensure your business growth.

Why Choose IONOS for Your E-Commerce Hosting?

IONOS, formerly known as 1&1 web hosting, offers 99.8% uptime and is one of the more affordable options with outstanding customer support and reliability.

What Are the Benefits of IONOS for E-Commerce?

IONOS offers page loading times faster than many competitors, making it a solid option for fast service for your customers. It has geo-redundant hosting, which means they store your data in two different centers. In other words, your hosting remains uninterrupted during maintenance and power outages.

Their server shield technology and cutting-edge security prevent DDoS attacks, keeping your website and data secure.

What Features Does IONOS Have for E-Commerce?

IONOS has three web hosting plans. Essential is for one website or project and begins at $4 a month. This plan offers 10GB storage, professional email, 10 databases (2GB SSD), your domain for 1 year, and basic CPU and MEM resources.

The Business e-commerce hosting plan has an introductory rate of $0.50 a month, then climbs to $10 a month after the first year. It offers the same as Essential, but with unlimited websites, storage, and databases.

Expert is designed for multiple large web projects and begins at $8 a month. It offers everything in the Business plan and SiteScan malware protection and content delivery network (CDN).

Who Should Choose IONOS for E-Commerce?

IONOS advertises web hosting for agencies like small government settings. It is a basic and no-frills ecommerce host, making it a good option for someone who needs the simplest ecommerce solution.

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